Fat Loss & Toning Workouts

Life is too short not to love the body you have.


Even by the age of 19, as opposed to being fat, my body didn’t have much shape to it. I had skinny legs, skinny arms, no butt, a brittle little body and fat around my waist.

Needless to say, I was as self-conscious as any other girl; because when you look at beauty magazines and social media, what are you meant to think about a retouched supermodel looking back at you? I decided that I did not want to feel insecure on the beach or at a pool anymore. I wanted to play bat and ball in a bikini and not worry about having to wear cover ups. One day I went to watch a friend in a Fitness Competition and I saw these girls with the most perfectly toned bodies. I wanted to look like that! I became obsessed! I researched every type of training program and read up on how to eat to get in the best shape possible. I started working hard, every single day. After two weeks I looked at my body and saw no change but my muscles were sore!! I was impatient. This is not working fast enough!! But I continued to workout and eat right every day. After 6 months I decided I would try do a bikini Fitness competition to give me something to work toward. I didn’t tell anyone about the competition incase I came stone last. But to my surprise, out of 33 girls I won! The hard work had paid off!

Out of passion, following so many questions and the empathy that comes from my story, I’m giving you those years and tears so your path to what you’ve never imagined is so much easier. Because I don’t have space to cater for more clients I have decided to provide my knowledge on a much larger scale – online training – to get you and many more ladies loving yourself as much as you can!