Mishinfit is an online fitness training and bikini coaching platform for people of all ages.

Hello, my name is Michelle a.k.a Mish and this is a platform I created to help you achieve your health and fitness goals

Believe it or not, even by the age of 19, as opposed to being overweight, my body didn’t have much shape to it. I had skinny legs, skinny arms, no butt, a brittle little body and fat around my waist. Needless to say, I was as self-conscious as any other girl.

2 years later, I was pretty much in the shape I’m in now. Yes, your body can change beyond your wildest dreams. ‘You just need to make that decision-How badly do you want it?.’ Though we look with our eyes, and feel demotivated by visible change, my body was growing, developing and improving every session. It responds with change EVERY. SINGLE. SESSION!

From a young age I would listen to how my brothers and their friends would talk about going to the gym, getting stronger and ‘looking fit’ for the ladies. And although boys can go through that phase… For us, looking good AND feeling good matters so much more. This drove me to want to be as strong, as fit and as capable as them. As a result I was able to achieve the kind of body I was proud of. In 2010 I was convinced by a friend to enter a bikini body competition.

I bought myself a cheap bikini and entered my first competition in the hope that I would just not place stone last. I was so nervous. I didn’t tell anyone about the competition I was doing. If I came last I would just keep my mouth shut about the whole idea!

“I couldn’t bear the embarrassment of my friends and family seeing me fail.”

Then, I couldn’t believe it but out of 35 girls I placed first! Guess what? The not-long-ago skinny-flabby girl placed first among 35 contestants.

I was studying to complete a Bachelor of Commerce Honors Degree as well as a Pilates certificate at the time while trying to keep up with a job as well as planning meals and training. I was in University so the pressure to drink at parties was tougher than ever and I was often ostracized for not drinking but I had a goal! Occasionally feeling overwhelmed, I’d sob quietly so no one knew how I struggled to obtain this knowledge and juggle a busy life. I’m sure you’ve felt the same. Out of passion, following so many questions and the empathy that comes from my story, I’m giving you those years and tears so your path to a healthy body that you’re proud of is so much easier.

I continued to graduate from University and obtained my personal training qualification. I have since won 13 times across the globe. After being asked for advice over and over, a passion ignited. I soon got to a point where I did not have time to do private training anymore and so started doing exclusive Boot-camp sessions to get as many girls in a session as possible.

In January 2016 I moved to my dream state, California, where I started teaching classes at an Interval training/boxing gym in San Diego to broaden my training experience.

Because I have limited space to cater for more clients I have decided to provide my knowledge on a much larger scale – online training – to get you and many more loving yourself as much as you can! You CAN have a beach ready body all year round! We are NOT cut from a different cloth. Appreciate who you are today but always picture the you of tomorrow and you’ll love improving yourself each day. I hope you enjoy training with me.

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