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Over four years later, I am still training three to four times a week and I have Michelle to thank for instilling the discipline in me to keep at it.

She consistently pushed me to gain a better understanding of what my body was capable of achieving through exercise and ensuring that I made every effort to get there.

Diana Strang

Michelle is very knowledgeable with the anatomy of the body, particularly in my husband’s case where he has a fused knee and can do limited exercise. Michelle worked within the capabilities of my husband and managed to make the sessions different and interesting.

Michelle incorporated cardio training, weights and boxing during our sessions. Michelle is passionate about her career and instilling healthy lifestyle options

Juanita Males

Working with Michelle was one of the best training experiences of my life – I miss her daily – but she instilled in me some invaluable lessons which I still practice today.

She also gave me fantastic dietary tips and other advice which I find invaluable. Anyone who gets to work with this amazing woman is extremely lucky!

Courtney Baxter

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